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Carpet Fiber Guide For Homeowners

Nothing is quite so nice as stepping onto a soft, fluffy carpet with your bare feet. It's a luxury that really doesn't require much thought, that is, until you're at a point when you're ready to replace your old carpet. That's when the questions start.

How soft will this carpet be?

Will the color and texture of the fibers hold up over time?

Am I getting the most for my money?

As with all floor-buying experiences, there is a lot to process and consider. The pressure seems greater when you realize that a floor is not easily returned or reversed once it has been installed. That's what makes this kind of investment more challenging than buying something like a mattress or even a car. So to make matters a bit more simple for you, we've put together a break-down of the benefits of each kind of carpet fiber you have to choose from.

Today we'll focus on the three top choices for home carpeting.

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