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The 3 Types of Vinyl Tile Flooring: Which is Best for You?

Vinyl tile is like the duct tape of the flooring world. It's durable, practical, versatile, and now comes in a plethora of different designs and colors! Honestly, it's a great choice for any home and will keep your budget happy. The thing a lot of people don't realize when entering the process of choosing a floor, however, is that there are different kinds of vinyl tiles. Each has its own unique benefits and purpose, so it's important to do your homework to ensure you're getting the best one for your home.

Type 1: Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

If you have a busy household filled with pets, family members, and heavy foot traffic, then this is the tile you want. Luxury tile is thicker and more durable than its less expensive counterparts, so it can stand up to some more intense wear and tear. Whatever you throw at it, this type of vinyl floor will stay looking nice for a long time.

In addition to longevity, luxury vinyl tiles also simulate your favorite flooring materials extremely well. If you envisioned stone or wood floors in your dream home, luxury vinyl can give you the same aesthetic without the higher cost and extra maintenance. A high-quality 3-D printing process allows these floors to mimic natural materials, and the best luxury tiles even share a similar texture. This texturizing is a good indicator of the quality of vinyl tiles you're purchasing which is important because, aside from the thickness, the qualifiers of "luxury vinyl" can be a bit vague.

Price Range: $2 - $10 per square foot

Type 2: Flexible Vinyl Tiles

Where LVT is known for durability, flexible tile is applauded for its style. Flexible vinyl tiles can have any number of images and patterns printed on it to give your room a genuinely unique vibe. You want a houndstooth pattern to add some class to your home? Done! A map of the world for your floor? Sure! How about images of kittens playing with rubber chickens to grace your room? Uh...why not, if that's what you're into?

The possibilities you can accomplish with these vinyl tiles are vast, which is part of what makes them so appealing. They are also easy to install; another added bonus. You should take note, however, of the durability you could be sacrificing if you're not careful. The vinyl used here is only able to be flexible because it isn't exceptionally thick, which means it might not last as long in rooms with heavy foot traffic. Take heart, though. There are some types of flexible vinyl that have anti-fatigue properties to help with the problem!

Price Range: $0.25 - $3.00 per square foot

Type 3: Waterproof Vinyl Tiles

Yes, you read that correctly. There is a waterproof flooring option for you kitchens, bathrooms, and basements! Technically, this type of vinyl flooring falls under the "luxury tile" category, but it's so impressive that we just had to give it it's own paragraph.

Due to an added waterproof core in it's 4-layer composition, these tiles are ready to take on any spills or splashes that your family may make. It's a miracle floor for "splash-zone" spaces.

Price Range: $3 - $10 per square foot

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