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7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Pick Your Style

It's happening! You have been given the green light to install new floors in your house! These floors will transform your room from drab to dream for sure. Now all you have to do is pick the style and material to bring everything together. Easy!

Easy, that is, until you realize just how many options there are available to you. Ugh! Colors, patterns, textures, brands... How in the world are you supposed to choose?

We can help!

Ask yourself these questions before making a final decision on your home makeover:

1) Who will be walking all over your floor?

While floors are not living things, the materials they're made out of have their own characteristics. Some are more absorbent than others or more prone to scratches. There are those that are good for your joints and some that are prone to showing dirt. You need to ask your contractor which one best fits your lifestyle, because spills don't mix with carpet, joint pain is no good on tile, and wood floors can't stand up to those cute heels or heavy-duty work boots without showing wear. Pick a floor that will fit in with your family.

2) Is new furniture in the budget?

Not just furniture, but paint, lighting, etc? This is a bit superficial, but if the overall style of your room is important, you need to consider what you're working with. Giant, plush, plaid furniture will look out of place on glossy tile, just like the sleek, modern look doesn't really work with oak boards. We're not saying you should choose your floor strictly for the purpose of matching your furniture if you can't afford new stuff, but take it into account when you're making your final decision.

3) Are you going for grand or cozy?

Some floors will make a room look larger, like vinyl or hardwood, but that's not necessarily what everyone wants in a room. Some prefer the "comfy-cozy" look. You can have both at the same time, but know what your end goal for this room is before you proceed. If you do want to make the room seem bigger, go for something that can go wall to wall without needing things like area rugs to spruce it up. Accessories like rugs can break up the space enough so that it seems smaller.

4) How sure are you about the timelessness of that trend?

It's great to be unique and stylish and whatnot, but at what cost? Flooring trends can be risky depending on how "out there" they are. Remember orange shag carpeting? Cringy...

Pro tip: Neutrals are always a safe bet!

5) Be honest: is this your "forever-home"?

How long do you see yourself living in this house? Do you dream of it becoming a family home passed down through generations, or just an investment you'll enjoy until you're ready to move on to bigger and better things? If the former is you, by all means, pick whatever floor makes you happiest. Shoot, get some orange shag if you'd like! If, however, the second option is more realistic, consider whether the property value will go up or down once these floors are installed.

6) What's outside?

Think about your house as a whole, not just the room you're putting a floor in. Will this floor fit in with the overall aesthetic? Trust us, you don't want your house to say 1923 on the outside and 2028 on the inside.

7) Who's cleaning this room?

Finally, are you going to be the one cleaning this floor? How much maintenance are you willing to take care of? Some floors require a bit more TLC, which might not be the best choice for everyone. No shame in that. Just do your homework to find out what the floor you're considering will need to in order stay beautiful.

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