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When Should I Replace My Carpet? The Tell-Tale Signs That It's Time to Move On

You love your carpet. It has completed the iconic and personalized aesthetic of your home for years. Some of your best memories have been formed in the very room where that carpet now lays. What can we say? You've become attached to it, or at least to the fact that it's paid off, right?

So, out of love and a drive to keep your carpeting in commission for as long as possible, you've been sure to give your floor the VIP treatment it deserves. You vacuum multiple times a week, sop up spills within minutes of them happening, and get it professionally cleaned twice a year. There is no one who could possibly take care of their carpet as well as you do yours. And yet...


As much as we applaud you for your diligence in keeping your carpet in pristine condition, there comes a time in every floor's life when it's reached the point of needing to be replaced. No amount of cleaning or wishing on shooting stars can change that. But how do you know when to pull the plug?

Here are the biggest tell-tale signs to keep an eye, a nose, and even an ear out for:

1) Avoidance

Remember when you first got your carpet and everyone enjoyed spreading themselves out on it just to feel the plush texture against their skin? Kids would choose the floor as a prime spot to watch their favorite movies. Sleepovers at your house were the best because of that new-carpet smell and how soft the floor was underneath sleeping bags. Now people barely want to walk barefoot on it because of how flat and smelly it is. The carpet padding is all but gone, and the spills of yesteryear are making themselves known with a noticeable stench. Basically, if your carpet repels your own family members, you know it's time to call a contractor.

2) Sneezing

Over time, carpeting can cling to allergens that may cause an allergic reaction to sensitive guests and family. If you notice someone sneezing or itching when they enter the room, take note. There's a good chance the symptoms could be caused by your beloved carpet.

3) Strategic Redecorating

Do you find yourself rearranging your furniture, not to freshen up your look, but rather to hide unsightly stains? Honey, then you know it's time to pull up your carpet. Don't rearrange your life and your room around that nasty old floor! If the stains are noticeable and bother you enough redecorate, you've reached the breaking point and need to buy a replacement.

4) Blushing

When your friends come over and sit in your room, do you crack jokes or make excuses for the state of your carpet? Are you embarrassed to share that space with "outsiders"? Maybe it's because your floor is drastically outdated or because years of wear and staining have turned your carpet into something hideous to behold. Whatever the case, if you find yourself feeling ashamed of your carpet you need to grab some flooring samples, pick a new product, and treat-yo-self!

5) Pooped-Out Padding

Carpeting is merely the outer shell of the delightfully plush reality that is a carpet pad. You don't enjoy the actual carpet because it's soft and squishy beneath your toes; that's all the work of good padding. If you notice that the smell of your carpet remains no matter how many times you deep-clean it, that the floor that once cushioned your steps now jars them, or that your carpet makes a crunching sound when you walk, know that your being confronted by the signs of a bad pad.

This one is especially important to act on because, while an ugly or matted carpet can be tolerated, bad padding can be dangerous. Spills that soak through the carpet's outer layer can eventually produce mold and mildew that is only detected by a smell. Beyond that, the state of your padding can affect the levels of sound and insulation in the room. Finally, if your padding is too old, it can emphasize the irreversible effects of age and use. You can't just change it back to normal.

How many signs have you noticed with your carpet? Let us know in the comment section!

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