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What Your Floor Says About You

Your floor is a big part of the blank canvas that is an empty room. It builds a foundation for your style, and once all of your furniture and belongings are added, ties everything together to create a living space that is uniquely yours. So, the question is, what does your floor say about you?


If carpet covers your floors, you are undoubtedly a warm and welcoming presence among those close to you. You want everyone who walks through your front door to feel that they have stepped into, not a house, but a home. Chances are you like the intimacy of small gatherings and hold the memories they create near to your heart.

Carpet is wonderfully easy to style a cozy room with. Soft, plush seating and wooden furniture will complete the look. From there, stylize your space with simplistic decor that says something personal about who you are, such as photographs and a few souvenirs from your life.


Hardwood floors best represent stately personalities that aim to impress. Classic, elegant, and dignified, these floors add an air of delightful formality to a room. They are perfect for home owners who enjoy dinner parties, have a mind for business, or who love to treat house guests to a luxurious experience with every visit.

In order to best set off the beauty of a hardwood floor, one should decorate using neutral colors. White, brown, grey, black and tan are perfect colors for the furniture you will use to showcase your floor. A few strategically-placed statement pieces and chic decorations will complete the look. Just be careful not to overdo it with nicknacks. Less is more when it comes to creating a fashionable space.


Floors made of tile belong to the adventurous heart! They suggest an open personality that is influenced by new and exciting places. Greece, Italy, Vienna, Spain; you name it, this person has dreamed of going there. What better way to incorporate that passion in their life than by bringing a little taste of those far-off lands into their home to share with others?

The best way to style with tile floors is to keep everything as bright and airy-feeling as possible. Arrange furniture in such a way that the space is left feeling open. Don't purchase anything large, bulky, or dark. Lighter tones, chiffon curtains, and natural or cheering lighting will make the most of your space.

Vinyl or Laminate

These two types of flooring mean business. They express both style and practicality. People with either of these often live lives full of activity. Lots of travel, energetic little ones, pets, or a love for exercise - vinyl and laminate can stand up to all kinds of busy schedules, so keep on living life to the fullest!

The nice thing about these floors is that they come in all kinds of styles from wood to tile lookalikes. Simply style your room the same way you would with hardwood boards or tiles.

So, which floor fits you? What impression will you make? Let us know in the comment section!

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