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Go Green! Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions for you Floor

It's official: green is the new black!

That means it's time to toss out those harsh cleaning products (in a safe, environmentally-friendly way, of course) and update your cleaning closet with some earth-friendly solutions! Here are a few inexpensive and easy ways to do just that:

1) Vinyl Floors

Borax and water. Done!

For those of you who don't know what Borax is, let me assure you it's your new best friend. This stuff works miracles on all kinds of cleaning needs! Laundry, walls, toilets, showers, and our favorite, floors!

If you're meticulous about needing exact measurements for this solution, it's 2 cups of warm water to two tablespoons of borax. Spray on your floor and wipe up the grime.

2) Hardwood Floors

Whether you love or hate tea as a warm winter beverage, you should go buy some to keep around the house. Why? If you make a nice, strong brew with two of the teabags in boiling water, you can give your hardwood floors a beautiful shine.

Dip a soft cloth in the tea and wring it out until only a little moisture is left. You only want the cloth to be damp here. Then, you just wash your floor!

Have scratches or gauges in your hardwood? Check out our blog on how to fix them here.

3) Ceramic Tiles

This is the easiest, cheapest hack in the book!

Sweep up your floor (or vacuum if you're feeling adventurous) to remove any grit on the surface. You can then clean the area with some water and a MICROFIBER MOP. Let us repeat that: use a microfiber mop only! A sponge mop won't pick up your grit, it'll just rearrange it. Your floors deserve better than that.

4) Concrete Floors

Tired of looking at those indiscernible stains on your garage or basement floor? Take care of them with a bit of dish detergent or laundry soap. Pour some over the stained area and let it sink into the discolored spot for half of an hour. When the time is up, scrub it out with a sponge.

Have fun going green!

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