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What Makes Floor It Grand Rapids Different?

Living in West Michigan comes with a lot of great perks, not the least of which has to do with the wide variety of options available to you in just about every business imaginable. People living the the Grand Rapids area have a plethora of interesting restaurants, shops, exhibits, clubs, and museums right at their fingertips. It can be hard for small businesses to keep their heads above the water in such a diverse market. We certainly have felt the strain of this endeavor at times. But thanks to our amazing team and the persistent determination that drives our work, Floor It Grand Rapids will have the opportunity to celebrate SIX YEARS of success in the coming months! What an honor!

It's hard to believe that such a wide span of time has passed so quickly. And to think of all the ways we've grown as a company and a crew is incredible! Still, we've never wavered from the core values that set us apart from our competitors, and we're not planning on starting any time soon. These values, after all, are what we've held on to as our foundation for success and excellent customer service.

So what do we mean by our "core values". What exactly are they, these goals and ideals of ours, and how do they distinguish us from every other flooring contractor in Michigan? Well, for starters, we have pushed from the beginning to set ourselves up as a multifaceted company. We want to be the specialists you go to for every type of flooring installation, bathroom remodel, and backsplash upgrade you dream of for your home. There is no desire to become "the hardwood floor guys" or "the shower guys" or even "the tile guys". Instead, we aim to fill our team with experts in every installation so we can be a one-stop-shop, so to speak, for flooring and tiling home improvements. Choosing the type of floor you want is a highly involved process as it is; there is no need to make it more complicated by searching for specified experts.

Secondly, we believe that it is absolutely necessary to educate ourselves to the point where we are experts in our field. Our goal is to get the job done right the first time. There are so many variables involved in floor installation, and each house contractors go into requires different processes and treatments for laying down a floor that will last. If a contractor doesn't know how to work around these changing factors there is a chance that customers will end up with warped floorboards or unsteady tiles. Not to say that employees from other companies would insert a faulty floor purposefully; it's just a challenging field that requires precise expertise. So, we invest ourselves into getting that skill level for you.

Beyond our own skillfulness, we realize the importance of connecting with a community of other experts. From the very beginning we have sought out partnerships with fantastic companies such as Lynette Bowser Interiors, The Mitten Team, and Woods Builders to boost our business and support theirs. These partnerships, without which we would not have made it to this point, have been key in teaching us how to do business better and more effectively as professionals in the home improvement industry.

Above all, we work hard to remain customer-focused (so original, we know). With great intention we choose employees who can not only deliver a great product, but a personalized customer experience from Floor It. No matter how much the business may grow in the future, we always want to provide people with that warm, genuine small-business-feel service. You should never have to deal with someone "too experienced" to answer your questions and pay attention to the small details.

Versatility, expertise, partnership, and quality of character. This is what we promise to you. Six years in the past to six years in the future, we have never and will never allow these values to change.

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