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How to Care for Your Vinyl Floors

Luxury vinyl plank flooring is a sensational substitute for the traditional hardwood floors we all know and love. Part of what makes them so great is that they require only a fraction of the maintenance that hardwood floors do. There are no annual procedures to worry about in order to keep your floor looking presentable, and they don't require the same expenses as caring for wood. Even so, there are a few things you should keep in mind when it comes to vinyl. A couple tricks of the trade, if you will, for preserving your floor.

1. Be Gentle

As durable as vinyl floors are, they aren't indestructible. People often take advantage of their ability to withstand the everyday wear and tear of a normal household, but this can damage your boards. Such carelessness will cheapen your investment if you're not careful.

When cleaning your vinyl, be sure to choose a gentle floor cleaner that won't eat through the surface. You should also take care when moving furniture across your floor as pushing and pulling can produce scratches. Always opt for placing furniture pads underneath heavy objects you're trying to move them if they're too heavy to carry yourself.

2. Be Quick

If someone spills on your vinyl you should hurry to clean it up. Vinyl is famously water resistant, but that doesn't mean you should take messes too lightly. They will leave a damaging residue on your floor which, if nothing else, will leave you enduring sticky spots. Clean quickly, and you won't have any problems keeping your floors looking - and feeling - beautiful.

3. Be a Smart Shopper

In addition to a non-abrasive cleaner, you ought to be careful with which vacuum you buy as well. The beater bars you find in some vacuums are harsh on vinyl flooring, so avoid models that have them.

While you're at the store, pick up a door mat for each entrance to the room as well. Dirt and debris tracked in from outside can be like sandpaper to your floor and wear them down over time. Avoid the issue as much as possible with regular cleaning and having people wipe their shoes before entering.

4. Be Consistent

Try to sweep and dry mop your floor at least once a week in order to protect it and keep your house looking great. As we mentioned above, any foreign materials (dirt, mud, oil, etc.) that collects on your floor will prove to be a danger to your vinyl if given the opportunity. Consistency in cleaning will minimize the threat.

5. Be Careful

Vinyl is a tough material, but dropping blunt objects onto its surface can and will dent your floors. Be careful carrying heavy objects and be sure to keep anything that may fall under this category away from young children.

6. Be Light-Handed

When deep cleaning your floor, try not to work too hard. Scrubbing forcefully won't do you or your floor any favors.

7. Be a DIY Cleaner

You don't always have to run out and buy an expensive cleaning solution to remove dirt and stains from your floor. Chances are, you already have quite a few ingredients around the house that will do the job just fine.

For deep cleaning: mix vinegar, water, and a tablespoon of dish soap to lift stubborn dirt

For makeup and ink stains: use rubbing alcohol

For fingernail polish: use acetone-free nail polish remover

For food stains: make a paste of water and baking soda to get rid of the stain, then remove remaining paste with water or a gentle cleaning solution

For scuffs: rub a small amount of WD-40 onto the scuff with a soft cloth

For all other residue: use a damp cloth or sponge with clean water

Happy Floor Tip Thursday!

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