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Floor Protection Wish List

Know someone who just installed a new floor? How about a friend or family member that recently spent a chunk of money on a house? What an exciting venture for them!

Now that the season of gift-giving has arrived, we have a few suggestions that would make great gifts for them this Christmas (or whatever holiday they celebrate)! Check out our Holiday wish list below for inspiration. If you see something you like, simply click on the image to learn more!

1. Furniture Pads

Someone who has just spent oodles of their savings on a floor isn't going to want to see it scratched up any time soon! Help them prevent scratching and squeaking on hard surfaces with these cute little felt pads that stick to the bottom of furniture!

2. Puppy Pad Holders

As wonderful as puppies are, they are not great for your floors, especially when they're going through house training. These neat, portable squares will keep your friend's floor as safe as possible during the process by preventing any excess moisture from making its way through or off of training pads. Plus, they hold said puppy pads in place to prevent pups from shredding the soiled material.

3. Shoe/Foot Protection

Dirt and grime that is tracked in from the outdoors can be detrimental to floors. It might seem like a silly gift, but with all of the holiday parties coming up there will be extra foot traffic to worry about, and these bright-blue slippers might be just the thing for your friend! Don't forget the fur-baby version!

4. Boot Tray

There is nothing quite so disheartening then watching a freshly-cleaned floor get marred by boots covered in mud and salt. Even when guests aren't walking around in them they can ruin your floor by just sitting on the floor. All of that moisture and outdoor gunk is not only ugly, but potentially dangerous for most types of flooring. do what you can to prevent the issue with a boot tray!

5. Area Rug

Perhaps not the most unique idea for floor protection, but definitely the most fashionable! An area rug is a great way to add some spice to your dear one's decor while keeping dirty feet and shoes off their new flooring!

6. Duster Slippers!

Okay, this one was too funny to not add to the list. Why not clean your floors as you walk over them? No extra effort required! Your friends will get a good laugh out of the deal too!

Happy shopping!

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