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A Message of Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving!

Can you believe it's already here? That special day that allows friends and family alike to join together around a bountiful table and remember all that we as Americans have to be thankful for. And wow, we have A LOT to be thankful for.

This year has brought us to a new level of success in our very own American dream. Business is booming and Floor It Grand Rapids is swiftly growing as a company. We've been racing to keep up with the increasing demand for our work, but it's been a blast meeting that challenge head on.

Now we all get to take a break today and enjoy the fruits of our labor. What a welcome respite it is! Still, we couldn't let the day go by without giving thanks for those who have stood behind us and made Floor It the company it is today.

To begin, we'd like to thank the Floor It team for their loyalty and hard work. We'd be hard-pressed to find a harder working group of people The level of excellence you always strive for has allowed our company to keep raising the bar for our clients. Your work, as well as your unique personalities, are the reason Floor It is as successful as it is today. We value each and every one of you and look forward to another year working by your side.

Secondly, we owe a tremendous amount of gratitude to the partners who have supported us on this journey. With the help of PelGC, InterraHomes, Short South Realty Group, QWEST Property Management, The Mitten Team, Lynette Bowser Interiors, Thompson Remodeling, and Woods Builders we've been able to keep our team working consistently all these years. We have the utmost respect for the businesses you've built and are proud to join your forces.

And finally, we are so incredibly thankful for our clients. You could've gone to any number of flooring companies, but entrusted the outcome of your homes to a little independent business in West Michigan. Beyond that, you spread the word about us so that others might do the same. We can't thank you enough for your kind efforts! Truly, you all have been so good to us and we want you to know how much we appreciate it.

Well, it's about time we let you get back to your turkey dinners and pumpkin pies. We wouldn't want your food to get cold, after all. From all of us here at Floor It, we hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving with the people you love.


Floor It Grand Rapids

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