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A Month of Thanks and Floors

Another Halloween has gone by and everyone is enjoying the brief period of time that provides us with candy at 50% off. Pretty soon we will upgrade from discounted candy to the rich flavors of a Thanksgiving meal. In short, we have a lot to look forward to this month. We have a lot to be thankful for (see what we did there?) and don't often dedicate enough time to remembering that. So, to prepare ourselves and our minds for this month's biggest holiday, we're going to shed some light on a few things that you should be thankful for when it comes to your floor!

November 2: Today we're thankful for resourceful imaginations.

Seems like a funny thing to give thanks for, doesn't it? But really, the flooring industry was built on a foundation of intelligent minds that could look into the places no one else saw and realize that progress was possible. It took real people like Eugen Baumann and Waldo Semon to create new substances - polyvinyl chloride, in their case - that would eventually turn into revolutionary flooring options. Because of genius designers and chemists, homeowners now have a plethora of options to finish off the designs they dream of for their rooms.

Think for a moment about where we'd be without those who dared to step outside the proverbial box! People without the funds for hardwood floors would be left without an affordable substitute like vinyl or laminate. Business owners would have to forgo the luxury of carpeting without the invention of carpet squares that make it easy to repair spots plagued by business foot traffic. Bathrooms would be extremely hazardous after a shower if not for the foresight of the person who created slip-resistant tiles. We might even be left using asbestos-laced adhesives to keep your flooring in place if no one had questioned its more dangerous qualities. Yikes!

Thanks to every flooring hero in history, Floor It is able to provide our customers with options that fit every need. Because of them, we have floors that are:






Appropriate for Every Level of Foot Traffic





So, the next time you're admiring your floor, think about the history behind its evolution. Consider how we as humans went from dirt floors to the flooring you have in your home now. Whatever material is decorating the foundation of your room, it is remarkable. Learn how to take the best possible care of it so that it remains so.

You can check out our other blogs for tips and tricks on how to care for and repair your floor.

Happy Thursday, everyone.

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