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3 Fall-Inspired Flooring Solutions

September 22, the starting date for fall, was last week! If you're in Michigan like us, you have probably had your expectations for the intoxicating beauty of autumn met with a seemingly endless summer. Mother nature has really thrown us for a loop this year, hasn't she? But not being able to cuddle up in your favorite sweater or relaxing with a steaming pumpkin spice latte in the middle of the day doesn't mean you can't celebrate fall. And it certainly shouldn't stop you from being inspired by the post-summer season! With just a little imagination and decor, your home can easily be transformed into a fall-favorites haven.

We want to get in the spirit too! With so many different styles and colors of flooring to choose from out there, we knew that there was a way to bring fall to your floor. Here is a list of our top three autumn-influenced looks for your home!

Look #1: Your Favorite Sweater.

You know the feeling you get when it's finally cool enough outside to pull your best sweater from the closet? The soft material seems to warm your entire being as you slip it on. Cozy, exceedingly comfortable, and fashionable; it is the ultimate fashion staple. There's something about a fall sweater that feels like coming home. That is exactly the sentiment you get when you walk onto a carpeted floor. Choose neutral, red, brown, and deep purple tones (eggplant) for an extra autumn flare.

Look #2: The Perfect Pumpkin Pie

You knew this one was coming. Pumpkin is practically royalty come the end of September. That rich orange tone plays as a kind of symbol for the season. What better way to incorporate the unique shade into your home than with ceramic tile? The glossy surface will mimic the outer shell of America's favorite gourd, and some cream-colored grout serves as the perfect compliment for such tile. Whether you use it as an accent color or allow pumpkin-orange to be the main event in your floor, it will never fail to turn heads. All year round a room with this tile will exude the strange combination of energy and warmth that actual pumpkins do. You will be stunned with the results. Just don't let it make you too hungry!

Bellawood's Matte Brazilian Pecan Solid Hardwood Flooring at Lumber Liquidators

Look #3: Autumn Leaves

We Michiganders know all too well that the best thing about fall is the colorful foliage. It overwhelms the senses with its seasoned smell, vibrant colors, and satisfying crunching sound. Fall leaves remind us all that change can be wonderful, awe-inspiring even. So why not change things up in your own home by having a multi-colored hardwood floor installed? This out-of-the-box flooring solution is a great way to add some elegance to your room with the power of contrast. Varying shades of brown, beige and red boards will be reminiscent of a peaceful walk in the heart of fall.

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