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Caring for Your Carpet Tile

As mentioned in our blog from Tuesday, carpet tile is a fantastic choice for those who love home personalization, DIY projects, and easy repair. Not to mention, they add a modern twist to any room they're in. If you do decide that this is the perfect flooring for you, there are a few things you should know about how to care for it. It is a bit different from a normal carpet because of the modules that make it so unique. So, without further ado, here are ten quick-tips to remember when tending to your tiles:

1) Vacuum Often

You'll have to vacuum regularly with any carpet, but with a few added nooks and crannies (the spaces in between each tile), you may want to pull that dust buster out bit more often than usual. This will rid your floor of dirt and soil, as well as help prevent your carpet from flattening out. Nobody wants their carpet to loose its plushy appeal.

2) Keep It Dry

If something spills on your carpet, make sure to clean it up immediately! Blot, don't rub. When you're finished cleaning the area, please, for the sake of your floor and your health, dry the tiles thoroughly. Use a hairdryer to help you along if you're in a hurry. Failing to do so can lead to mildew building up beneath the surface. Yuck!

3) Be Picky With Your Solutions

Make sure that whatever cleaning solution you use to fix the afore mentioned spills is compatible with your carpet. Bleach-based cleaning solutions are especially important to do your research on. Test the new solution out on a small area of your carpet first or, better yet, call a flooring professional who can educate you on your particular type of carpet and what is going to be safest for it. Who knows? He or she might even have a few recommendations for cleaning products!

4) Hide The Evidence

To go along with number 3, if you choose to simply test the solution on your own do so on a part of your carpet tile that can be easily covered up in case of damage. Better yet, try it out on a spot that won't be seen in the first place!

5) Work From The Outside In

If you're cleaning up a spot on your carpet, be careful to start the process at the outside of the mess and work your way inward so the stain doesn't spread.

6) Take Advantage Of The Benefits Of Carpet Tiles

You probably chose this type of floor because each piece can separate from all the others, so take advantage of that! If you are working with a larger spill or stain, remove the ruined tile for a more thorough cleaning. Note: not all tiles will be compatible with this type of treatment. It all comes down to how they were installed, but go for it if the tiles in your home can be easily accessed.

7) Act Quickly

If something spills on your floor, be they carpet tiles or hardwood, respond as quickly as possible. The longer you wait, the more damage the alien substance can cause your floor. Check out our blog on carpet cleaning here if you aren't sure how to rid yourself of the mess!

8) Use Indirect Contact

If you do find yourself in need of using a cleaning solvent, be careful of how you apply it. Solutions used for cleaning should be applied to your carpet with a sponge or clean cloth. Pouring the solution directly onto the tiles could cause damage or variations in color.

9) Splurge! Hire A Professional Cleaner

It's a good idea to try to get a professional carpet cleaner to spruce up your floor one to two times a year. They will have the equipment it takes to freshen up your carpet tiles thoroughly so that they last as long as possible. Plus, you'll get to enjoy the luxury of that beautiful like-new carpet look without having to lift a finger! It's a win-win situation!

10) Know Your Tile

As always, it's essential to be familiar with the special cleaning requirements for each different kind of carpet tile. They are not all the same! Ask questions and get answers BEFORE you decide on a final product to install in your home. You have nothing to lose from doing so, and a lot to lose if you don't. Call our Floor It Grand Rapids team if you need help. We're always happy to lend an ear!

Have a great Floor Tip Thursday!

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