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Keep Your New Tile Floors Looking Great

So you have added beautiful tile flooring in your home. It adds style, character and maybe a splash of color. But how do you keep your floors looking like new? Here are some of the Floor It pros tips on cleaning and maintaining your tile floors.


  • Be sure to clean up any spills right away to prevent them from seeping into porous tile or grout. You can use a mop or a cloth, some hot water, and a mild household detergent.

  • Sweep or vacuum regularly to remove and dirt or debris before it can get embedded in the tile or grout.

  • Mop with warm water and a manufacturer recommended cleaning product to enhance the tile's gloss, shine and color. You can also mix one cup of white vinegar with a gallon of water for an effective, odor-eliminating cleaner, a great choice if you are worried about harmful chemicals.

  • To clean dirty grout, mix equal parts hydrogen peroxide and water and apply on grout with a toothbrush.


  • Keeping your floors swept and clean will ensure that they look great for a long time, but eventually the grout may become discolored and dingy. The best way to prevent this is to apply a grout sealer right after installation, and then again once or twice a year. This will prevent stains, dirt, and water from penetrating the protective barrier.

  • Another thing that we suggest is getting your tile floors professionally steam cleaned. It gets the dirt and grime that works its way deeper into the tile and grout. Any professional carpet cleaning company should be able to do it but our favorite for all our floor cleaning needs is Green Home Cleaning and Restoration. (616)735-1473. Give them a call and tell them Floor It sent you!

Tips for Preventing Damage

  • Be sure to test cleaning solutions on a small area of your floor before cleaning the full area.

  • Use sealer on grout joints shortly after installation and use products compatible with cleaning grout joints.

  • After cleaning your floors, rinse the entire area with clean water to remove any cleaning solution residue.

  • Use floor mats under heavy furniture, at high traffic areas and at entrances and exits to help prolong the life of your tile floor.

  • If you have any damaged or broken tiles, have them removed and replaced only by a qualified tile installer. (Like us! Call Floor It today for any of your tile concerns (616)826-6668.

The only thing left to do now is just to sit back and enjoy your beautiful tile floors!

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