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Cleaning Your Floor - Bona Cleaning Kit

So you just hired Floor It for your new floor installation project. You step in and are amazed at how clean & beautiful it looks. Months pass you by and the new floor look starts to fade away. You now start looking for cleaning solutions around the market but are beyond overwhelmed because of how many there are.

No worries...Floor It has you covered.

We highly recommend using the Bona Cleaning Kit. We use this product after every single installation. Remember when you walked in and were blown away at how awesome it looked? Well, this is the solution we used.

Watch the video above for some pointers.

Overview of Floor It

Floor It is the premier company in Grand Rapids, Michigan for floor installation. We offer the following services;

- Hardwood Floor Installation

- Tile Installation

- Carpet Installation

- Laminate Floor Installation

- Nail Down Floor Installation

Visit our website: Floor It GR Website

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