How to Protect Your Floors from Your Real Christmas Tree

It doesn't matter how hard you look, you'd be hard-pressed to find an artificial pine that rivals a real, country-grown Christmas tree. There's just no substitute for the authentic look and smell of a beautiful fir or pine tree that you've picked out yourself. Plus, they're more eco-friendly! What more could you ask for?

Scratch that. We know what you could ask for. Less mess!

It is an unfortunate truth that these beautiful trees come with some messy side effects. Their needles fall and get all over the floor, watering them can lead to spills, and in some cases even sap needs to be considered. And what part of your house do all of these side effects affect the most? YOUR FLOOR!

Here's how to protect your floor from your Christmas tree and keep your holiday jolly!

1. Keep your tree fresh for as long as possible by watering it regularly, cutting the bottom once you've gotten it home so that there are no dry parts of the trunk keeping that water out. If you can, go the extra mile for your tree by feeding it with a mixture of lemon-lime pop and water. This fizzy cocktail will help keep your tree from molding.

2. Stay on top of cleaning up any loose needles that fall with a rubber broom or vacuum hose attachment. Those pesky little needles can scratch up your hard surfaces and cause damage to your carpets, so this requirement goes beyond just making things look tidy.

3. Shake your tree to get rid of that first batch of loose needles before it enters the house. This will be most effective if you remove the net it likely came in first.

4. Clean up any spills that happen during watering immediately. If you've read any of our previous blogs before you know that liquid can wreak havoc on any kind of floor if left unattended.

5. Remove sap from your floor by icing it until it's solid and picking it up from there. It doesn't take too much imagination to guess what a mess sap makes if you don't clean it up.

6. Put a plastic lining under your tree stand and a tree skirt around it to further protect your floor. What better way to protect your floor than to cover it with these fabulous accessories?

Now there's nothing stopping you from running out and getting yourself an honest-to-goodness real Christmas tree if you so desire! Enjoy every moment of your holiday memories around it without worrying about your floor!

Happy Flooring!

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