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Bathroom Remodeling and How to Budget

The kitchen may be the heart of your home, the living room the gathering place, and the bedroom a space dedicated for rest, but the oasis of any home should always be your bathroom. It's the space in which you get to prepare yourself for the day, where you go to unwind after work, and the only place in the home where you can be left completely alone without fear of interruption. Because your bathroom is such a pivotal space, it's only right that it gets a considerable amount of thought put into any plans you may have to remodel. But aside from style, what kinds of things should you be asking yourself when planning your remodeling project? Here's a list of questions we think you may find helpful:

1. What is my budget?

This one may be as obvious as it is uncomfortable, but you have to figure out where the line has to be drawn for you. Be realistic with yourself, and leave plenty of room for the unforeseen issues that inevitably occur with any home renovations. The more honest you are with yourself now, the less stressful the entire process will be for you. Nothing packs on stress quite like having to worry about money, so eliminate that problem from the equation!

2. What do I NEED?

There are a few standard items that everyone hopes to come across when they enter a bathroom; a toilet, sink, some lighting, a fairly waterproof floor, and perhaps a shower or tub. List these things out on a piece of paper first so you can establish your priorities. Then list out all of the necessary hardware and add-ons that are required for each item. If you can, research and list out prices for everything on your list.

3. Should I install a shower or bathtub?

There are plenty of aesthetically pleasing options for both showers and bathtubs, but before you dive too deeply into how which one looks better, think about what you will use. Bathtubs are great, and there are some absolutely beautiful bathtubs out there, but if no one in your household takes the time to sit and soak you might not need one. Opting for a standing shower could free up a considerable amount of space for a longer counter, a nice pice of decorative furniture, or just some room to move. It could save some room in your budget too.

4. What do I WANT?

Now you can go ahead and list out all of your heart's deepest desires for your perfect bathroom. Try to order them by priority so it's easier to see what you can live with not having if your budget doesn't allow for it. Go nuts with this part of the process, but don't allow it to influence you to go over budget!

5. What can I do myself?

If you want to make a little more wiggle room in your budget, you can always look into some DIY projects! Our suggestion, if you don't have experience, is to save the most complicated installations for professionals and to focus your own energy on the personal touches. This could mean anything from painting the walls to up-cycling an old dresser for your sink stand.

6. What regrets will I be left with?

The only thing worse than settling for something less expensive and wishing you had splurged just a little bit is spending extra money and later realizing that a "treat item" wasn't worth what it cost you after all. Either scenario, however, leaves you full of regret. Take some dedicated time alone, without the influence of others, to really think about what you want to love about your bathroom. Then, make it happen!

We'd love to see a picture of your personal oasis! Head over to our Facebook page to post a picture!

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