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Pet Hair vs. Your Carpet

Well, Michigan, it's November first which means whether we're ready or not we have to make way for an endless string of Christmas carols on the radio and an icy chill in the air. Those of you with pets know that this season also brings in a nice thick, messy winter coat that is bound to cover your home in no time. As flooring contractors we can't stand the thought of all your holiday guests seeing more fur than floor when they come over, so here are a few pet hair removal hacks that will help you keep all that shedding hair in line. The best part? All of these options are easy on your wallet too!

1) Squeegee Your Carpet

We know this one sounds strange, but running a squeegee over your carpet will pull up all of the hair caught in your carpet fibers. Plus, doing this before you vacuum your floor to get the majority of fur up will protect your vacuum from overheating and breaking down.

2) Static Electricity

For a quick clean up of the most obvious hairs clinging to your floor, charge a balloon and run it over the affected area. The hairs will cling to the balloon and you will be left with a much cleaner surface.

3) Grab a Dryer Sheet

Similar to the balloon, running a dryer sheet over a particularly furry area will easily pick up any loose pet hair found on your carpet.

4) Use a Bit of Water

Dampen a sponge or cloth and dab your carpet lightly to pick up hair. Make sure to let your carpet dry thoroughly after this.

5) Set Up a Fan

A nice breeze won't rid your house of hair, but it will certainly make collecting it up more manageable. Place a large fan in your home and angle it so that it blows excess fur into the corners of the room. From there you will just have to pick up a few fur balls and you're golden!

6)Take Advantage of the Breeze

Similar to the fan you'll be using wind to do part of your cleaning for you. If you happen to have a room with screen doors or windows you can spray the screens with a bit of water, open the windows, and let the cross breeze from outside do the rest. That fur will collect on the screens and make for a much easier cleanup.

7) Be Hands-On

Another tool that can be super helpful in attracting hair up off the floor is a set of rubber dish gloves. They work kind of like the squeegee, but for your hands!

8) Treat Your Furniture to a Spa Night

There's a secret weapon for removing hair from your car, chairs, couches, and mattresses. It's called a pumas stone. It works wonders! Trust us.

9) Groom Regularly

This one is pretty self explanatory, but you should brush your dog a 2-3 times a week depending on the breed. Do it outside if you can, or on an old blanket so the hair doesn't end up all over the place. This is not just to protect your carpet, but to also protect your fluffy friend from matting and dirt. Plus, they'll look fantastic once the work is done.

Happy Flooring!

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