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Memories of My Floor

Isn't it funny how a wave of old memories will come flooding back to the forefront of your mind just by thinking about one little thing? A favorite toy, antique piano, family recipe; all of these items are gateway openers for our most treasured thoughts. The same is true for key features in any given room. This, of course, includes your floor. We've actually had the opportunity to speak with a gentleman who shared some fond memories of a new floor being installed in his family home when he was a child.

With eyes aglow, he recounted how his grandparents made the choice replace a dingy, brownish carpet with a new woolen one. This was a particularly significant event because, at the time, wool carpeting was a luxury reserved for the wealthy. No one would have pegged their charming little farmhouse to hold such a treasure. The couple was extraordinarily pleased with their purchase.

The woolen fibers of said carpet soon became part of every memory made in that house. When the family sat down to watch Neil Armstrong land on the moon, they gathered round the television on that very carpet. Its fuzzy surface became a playground for the grandchildren of the household when they visited. Carols and worship hymns were sung during get-togethers. Laughter was abundant. Hearts were full.

To see someone speak so fondly of their happy days warmed our hearts. We know that it is not the carpet itself that facilitated these memories, but just talking about floors in general sparked our speaker's train of thought. So our question to you is, what floor is at the center of your memories? Is it an oriental rug that belonged to your parents? A shiny marble masterpiece in your foyer? Outdated pink tile that your grandmother refused to replace?

Whatever it is, we'd love to hear some of the memories that floor brings up, or the dreams you have for your new floor! Do us a favor and share these thoughts in the comment section below.


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