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Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Area Rugs

Tomorrow is Valentine's day! Whether you use it as an opportunity to surprise your sweetie or treat yourself to something sweet, it's great to have a reason to celebrate. In light of the holiday, we wanted to offer our own gift-giving suggestion this year. More practical than a rose and with far fewer calories than candy, a new area rug is a great gift to get that special someone. And, before you laugh, it's not as unromantic as it sounds! What better way to show that you know your love (or yourself) than to get them a gift that reflects their own unique style; something that is so personal to each individual. Beyond that, an area rug is a gift that will keep you in the forefront of their minds every time they walk into the room. Wouldn't it be great to know that they're thinking of you all day like that?

The cool thing is that rugs come in just as wide an assortment as a box of chocolates, each with its own "flavor". Here is a guide to help you pick "the one". (Sorry, we couldn't resist using some cheesy Valentine's day terminology.)

1) Polyester

Polyester is a great choice for people that love to admire beauty from afar. These rugs hold color extremely well (though available colors are often limited), and can be very pretty. The only thing to watch out for with polyester rugs is heavy foot-traffic. The synthetic fibers of a polyester rug won't hold up well to a lot of use, but they're great for decoration and drawing attention to furniture, such as coffee tables, that sit in low-traffic areas.

2) Silk

Silk has always been known as a luxurious material, and there is no exception for it's use in rugs. A silk rug will be soft to the touch, and beautiful. Just be careful with how you use it because, much like polyester, these rugs will not be particularly durable.

3) Wool

Wool is a favorite choice among homeowners because of its durability. It can hold its color and form for a long time, so the investment you make in a wool rug has a lot of return. It is also highly resistant toward liquids and foot traffic, which means its great for active families. Beyond that, wool comes in a wide variety of colors because of how easily it is dyed, so your options are endless.

If you're thinking about buying a wool rug, be aware that it can shed and is often thicker than most rugs. It will also need to be professionally cleaned to keep it in pristine condition.

4) Cotton

Cotton is a less expensive alternative to wool rugs. They are comparably durable, come in just as many colors, and have the added bonus of being machine washable. They are, however, a more casual style choice, so if "laid-back" isn't really your thing, you may want to consider a different material.

5) Animal Skins

For a sweetheart with a wild side, consider an animal skin (faux skin/fur is a great option as well)! Fluff-covered skin or woven leather is a very bold, chic choice for crisply-decorated rooms. Rugs made of the actual hide or tanned leather are often easy to clean and long-lasting, but be careful with fur. That can be a bit more tricky. This is probably not a great choice for homes with little ones.

6) Nylon

Whereas animal skin isn't a good fit for families, nylon rugs are. They are durable, colorful, have a beautiful silky shine, resist dirt, and are super easy to clean. The only down side is that they're vulnerable to fading because of the way they are dyed, so they won't last overly long.

Have questions? Give us a call or leave a comment below!

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