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Don't Give Up! 3 Reasons Why You Should Still Consider Hardwood Floors

Before writing another word, we’d like to ask you a question. Don’t worry, it’s nothing too big, but one that is telling of a person's priorities when considering a large investment. Be honest, now.

When you are faced with a decision for your home, which of the following has the most weight in your final decision?

  1. Practicality

  2. Price

  3. Overall look

Would you say that your answer remains true while in the throes of choosing a new floor for your home or business?

Since you’re reading this, we’re going to assume you’re somewhere along in that process already, and if you found yourself leaning toward one of the first two options, there’s a good chance that hardwood flooring has been scratched off your “top picks” list. Before you make your final decision, however, we want to make a case for the classic surface. Take a moment, if you will, to see why installing your dream floor is still a worthwhile investment.

A) Temperature and Hygiene

The word “warmth” doesn’t just refer to the style of your home, but also to the temperature. So often customers will turn to carpet to keep their toes nice and toasty during cooler seasons, but hardwood floors can be effective in this way too. Wood compliments underfloor heating, making it a practical way to heat your home and much more inviting to step onto than frigid stone or tile. Plus, it’s easier to effectively rid hardwood floors of mites, dust, hair and fleas than it is with carpet, so hardwood floors are a more sanitary option if warmth is what you’re going for.

B) It’s a Quick Fix

While it is true that hardwood floors take a little time during your weekly routine to maintain, they stay looking beautiful much longer than some other floor types, and are ultimately cheaper to fix. Sanding and sealing a wood floor after it has battled with water damage or everyday wear and tear is much less expensive than refitting a new carpet. And refinishing a floor that starts to look tired is easier than replacing laminate or any other type of floor. If you treat your high-quality floor well, it will last you for years to come.

C) The Look

To say that hardwood floors are among the most beautiful of options for your favorite room is an understatement. They add a sophistication that is unparalleled by any other medium. Imagining a gilded Christmas party or tender anniversary dinner on shag carpet just doesn’t hold the same nostalgic romanticism as a deep cherrywood floor.

The type of flooring you choose will set the scene for every memory made in your home for as long as you have it. It will affect the overall tone of the room in which it resides, the way you feel in your home, as well as the way people view your sense of style. So we ask you, isn’t it worth a little extra investment to take the impression of your home from easy to enchanting?

So, how did we do? Is hardwood back on your top-ten list yet? If you’re still on the fence about it but truly like the idea of beautiful wood floors making an appearance in your home, don’t be afraid to talk to a professional. Reputable companies will be honest about whether or not hardwood is really the best choice for you. Our team is always on board to help, of course, and if you decide to head in a different direction we’ll make sure you get the best return on your investment.

See you Thursday!

See you Thursday!

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